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Natural, Safe, High Performing

Personal Care Products


The average American is unknowingly playing a dangerous chemical experiment:  They expose themselves to dozens of chemicals every day, many of which have NEVER BEEN TESTED for long-term safety.

These chemicals are found in skin care, cosmetics, hair care, soaps, toothpastes and other common personal care products!  No wonder allergies are skyrocketing! 


Learn why it is so important to protect yourself:

The good news is that you can use safe, natural and highly effective products instead.  Shaklee has many of the "best in class" personal care products on the market. They are very picky about the ingredients they use and are as close to nature as possible.

Choose from our outstanding personal care lines:

> Anti-Aging Skin Care  Click here

> Nourishing Hair Care and Scalp Treatments Click here

   See Amazing BEFORE & AFTER pictures!

> Mineral Based Cosmetics (with NO talc!)

> Daily Personal Care items (Cleansers, Toothpastes and more)



Shaklee products have been VERY carefully formulated to be safe, natural and highly EFFECTIVE.  ALL are made "IN HARMONY WITH NATURE" and are

100% Guaranteed!

If you don't currently think of Shaklee when you think personal care and beauty products, there can be ONLY ONE REASON:

You haven't tried them yet!

Shaklee's Enfuselle skin care line includes some of the most advanced anti-aging skin care products ever developed. This one line has 8 patents (more than any other skin care company in the world) and produces results like 665% improvement in 8 weeks.

You will DEFINITELY want to use them on a regular basis!

Shaklee's ProSante hair care line includes shampoos, conditioners, a nourishing scalp treatment and finishing spray that actually nourish the scalp and produce stronger, thicker hair with less falling out!

Shaklee's Minerelles Cosmetics are super high performing beauty products, without the harsh, cancer-causing ingredients that most other products contain.

And our other awesome person care products include Meadow Blend soap-free bar & Get Clean Hand Wash, New Concept Organic Dentifrice (Wintergreen or Spearmint), Natural Deodorants and more!



Many plastic containers (for things from hair care to water) have come into concern recently because of the discovery that dangerous chemicals are leaching out and ending up in our bodies. 

But all Shaklee product bottles are free of Bisphenol A!

Learn more about the BPA concern


You really can be healthy, and look gorgeous and years younger naturally!



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